Our clients speak highly of us, not just for our legal expertise but for the exceptional service we provide. Their satisfaction fuels our passion, making us their top choice for legal services.

Benefit from our expertise, with personalised guidance and tailored solutions ensure your success and peace of mind.

Quality legal help shouldn't break the bank. We prioritise our community and clients, offering top services at affordable rates.

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Welcome to Kazi and Associates

Celebrating over 25 years of legal excellence, Kazi And Associates is your trusted partner in legal matters.  Embrace peace of mind with us. Life's uncertainties demand a trusted legal partner, and we're here to be that for you. 

Our commitment goes beyond just legal services – it's about understanding your unique challenges. With us, your concerns are met with personalised solutions, all under one roof. Choose assurance.

Principal and founder of Kazi and Assosiates

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Our conveyancing services go beyond transactions, they ensure your peace of mind.

Kazi & Associates is a Supreme Court-appointed Public Notary. We certify documents, witness signatures, and handle legal matters globally, from Powers of Attorney to property transactions. Trust our expertise for efficient and hassle-free services.

Our experienced team comprehensively handles various family law matters, ensuring your needs are met. We stand by you every step, offering guidance aligned with your best interests.

Our priority is swift and satisfactory dispute resolution. We emphasise resolving issues first, resorting to litigation only if necessary to ensure a just, quick and cheap process. We handle disputes relating to contracts, compensation, debts, employment, intellectual property, wills, and more

When confronted with criminal charges, a well-considered defense strategy is pivotal. We offer expert guidance, as well as resolute defense to safeguard your rights and interests.

Received legal papers? Let us guide you. We'll review, strategise, and minimise risks for a fair resolution. Your peace of mind matters.

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Mofazzal Haque Kazi

Principal Solicitor

Abtabun N. Syeda


Mehreen K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 :Do i need to book an appointment?

We request that an appointment is booked. However, we understand that there may be urgent matters and we can make concessions for that. It is best that you contact us through email.

Q. 2 : Can i contact you after hours?

Yes, we are available after hours through phone particularly for criminal matters.

Q. 3 :Do you offer services other than English?

We offer services in Bengali, Hindi and Japanese.

Q. 4 : Do you charge consultation fees?

We charge $50 for initial consultations.

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    Rafa Mir

    Kazi and his team are so incredible to work with! My matters were dealt in a timely manner with the solutions I was after. I was able to communicate with...

    Ishraq Walid

    Really great service. I felt very valued as a client with their welcoming team and their ability to effectively work on my legal issues. I'll definitely be a returning client...

    Queenie Tran

    The team at Kazi & Associates have been so helpful! So kind and very friendly, with great advice. Will now be going to them for any legal matter

    Trisha Hassan

    Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Kazi was able to help with my issue and provided the highest level of service. I would recommend him to my network and he will be...

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